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This New Netflix Canada Series Follows Passive Aggressive Couples Who Judge Each Other’s Airbnbs

'Instant Hotel' has become an instant favourite among Canadian Netflix users.
This New Netflix Canada Series Follows Passive Aggressive Couples Who Judge Each Other’s Airbnbs

While Netflix has quickly become one of the top streaming services to catch a fear-inducing thriller, tear-jerking documentary, or mind-boggling dystopian, the platform also has some serious gems when it comes to comedy. The section doesn't stop at stand up shows and cartoons. In fact, one of the funniest shows on Netflix Canada right now is a reality competition series. 

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The show in question is called 'Instant Hotel' and the best way to describe it would be if you combined 'Come Dine With Me' and TLC's 'Four Weddings' but ten times pettier. Though instead of contestants being judged for their weddings or cooking skills, they're being judged on their homes. 

'Instant Hotel' follows five couples each episode who all have one thing in common, they rent out their homes on Airbnb. The point of the show is that the couples will have to stay in each couple's Airbnb for one night and rate their experience based on different categories. By the end of the week, the ratings are compiled and the winner gets the prize of moving forward to the battle for a star-studded getaway in Los Angeles. 

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What makes this show so great is that it's based in Australia, meaning non-locals won't just get an insanely entertaining show to watch, but they'll also get some inspiration on where to stay if they ever want to take a trip down under. Though the real gem of the series is found in the contestants the show picks. They are outspoken, rude and quite odd even but above all else, they are ridiculously petty.  

As a result, the show doesn't just feature stunning Airbnb's but also some hilariously snide comments as well as overconfident and picky contestants who are the definition of passive-aggressive. Making it the perfect light-hearted series to binge watch throughout the winter season.

If you are curious about the series and want to check it out for yourself, the first season that contains twelve episodes is available to stream for Netflix Canada users. While the chances of a second season are still just speculation, the absolute characters you'll witness in this series will have you re watching episodes over and over again. 

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