Netflix has been pumping out series after series but if there's anything that you should be prioritizing when it comes to choosing the next series to binge watch, it's their newest docudrama, Wormwood. 

Wormwood focuses on MK-Ultra, a CIA run program where the government ran illegal experiments on both American and Canadian citizen "patients" by dosing them with hard drugs like LSD. The program apparently came about after World War 2, and had even hired former Nazi scientists to conduct the experiments. Sounds a lot like the tests that were being run on Eleven in Stranger Things don't they? The whole point of the program was to see if illegal drugs could create "super-soldiers" and they piloted the project back in 1953. Of course, the program was a total bust and was shut down 20 years later. 

Specifically, the show looks at a biological warfare scientist named Frank Olsen. The American scientist who had worked for the CIA but committed suicide in 1953 shortly after Project MK-Ultra had started. His son, who is interviewed throughout the series, wants to know if he did actually commit suicide or if he was murdered. 

What we know about Frank's story so far is that his boss had worked for MK-Ultra and when Frank attended a meeting with him in Maryland, his boss dosed him with LSD. Olson had no idea that he was the subject of an experiment or that he had even been given the LSD to begin with. What happened next is where the details get questionable. Apparently, Olson had a "bad trip" and nine days later jumped out of his New York City hotel to his death. 

The series goes into detail on the story of Frank Olson and MK-Ultra, using the last remaining of the primarily destroyed MK-Ultra files to put together the pieces on what really happened in the program. While the CIA continues to claim that Frank Olson committed suicide, his son Eric believes that the facts as well as a 1953 CIA manual detailing the simplest assassination as a "fall of 75 feet or more onto a hard surface" tell a very different story. 

Wormwood is currently available on Netflix as we speak, happy streaming! 

Via Netflix Canada