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This New Netflix Original Show Is Like A Dark And Weird Version Of Gossip Girl

'Baby' is Netflix's new teen drama show.
This New Netflix Original Show Is Like A Dark And Weird Version Of Gossip Girl

Let's be real here. Gossip Girl was one of the best shows of our generation. It followed around elite high school students that were really too rich for their own good, and don't we all wish we had those problems? With shows getting reboots and spinoffs and all that, it would be great to get one for Gossip Girl. But if not, we have Netflix's new show called Baby. 

Baby is actually an Italian show that is inspired by true events. The show is not as light as Gossip Girl, as it actually involves some pretty intense stuff. You don't have to worry about speaking Italian though as the show is voiced over in English. That way you can pay attention to all the elite high school drama such as getting in trouble, death within the high school, as well as being allured into a prostitution ring. You heard that right. 

Before the show even got onto Netflix, the director of Baby Andrew De Sica was under fire from people saying the series was promoting sex trafficking, but he took a stand against that. I'll tell you a little bit about the series first. As mentioned earlier, Baby is based on true events that happen in certain neighbourhoods in Rome. While these kids seem rich as they go to an elite school, two of them start prostituting for money. It should be said that prostitution is legal in Italy, but the show would be seen in different countries where it is not. 

Of course, the part about prostitution was not in the Gossip Girl storyline, but this Italian show is interesting to watch for many other reasons. There are a lot of characters to watch out for, the two main ones being Chiara and Ludovica. Now, if you're reeled in already, just beware that the teen drama is very short. The episodes themselves are long at 40-48 minutes, but there are only six episodes in the season. 

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If you're ready for a new dramatic show but are afraid of commitment, then this is the show for you. I'm not going to give away the whole plot because that would just ruin the surprise, but just wait until the end of the sixth episode. Your mind will be blown! Teen dramas are my personal favourite, but this one takes it to a whole other level. You can stream Baby on Netflix now, and you can watch the trailer below. 

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