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This New Netflix Show Is Basically Chuck Bass In Mad Men

Binge-watching material.
This New Netflix Show Is Basically Chuck Bass In Mad Men

Let's be honest, the true reason anyone ever watched Gossip Girl was to see what Chuck Bass would do next. And since Gossip Girl ended, we've all been missing some Chuck Bass in our lives...So thank god for his new show, kinda. 

The actor who plays Chuck, Ed Westwick, has a new show out on BBC/Netflix, called 'White Gold' and its pure gold. 

It's a sitcom set in the 1980s that follows the turbulent life of a double glazing salesman from Essex, England, Vincent Swan (played by Ed Westwick).  The first season is out on Netflix right now and the second season is in the works. I watched the whole thing in one day, so careful, it's addicting.  Also, the soundtrack is filled with none stop 80s hit sounds like "Total Eclipse Of the Heart", and "Somebody's Watching Me'. Swan's business methods aren't always kosher and his personal life often takes a hit for that as well. But damn does he look good in a suit... You will be none stop drooling AND laughing, because the one liners in this show are too funny. 

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