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This New Netflix Special Manipulates A Man Into Murder And People Can't Believe It's Legal

Netflix is known for dropping some incredibly binge-worthy flicks and series, but their most recent original has got people raising their eyebrows and seriously concerned. The show in question? It's part 1 of 3 specials orchestrated by British illusionist, Derren Brown, called 'The Push.' 

The point of the show is the answer Brown's question, "can we be manipulated through social pressure to commit murder?" If you are getting chills already considering how much this sounds like the Milgram and Stanford Prison experiments, you definitely have a right to. The details on this show are absolutely insane to the point where many are convinced the concept has to be staged and that there's no way it could be legal to put someone through that kind of situation. 

How the show works is it employs 70 actors who are all in on the "gag" and one victim who throughout the special will be put through scenarios that will eventually push him to a breaking point. From there it's planned for him to feel like he only has one way out, being to push one of the actors off a building to his death. The whole experiment, of course, being filmed Big Brother style. 

While the trailer doesn't show the victim's ultimate choice, you won't have to wait long to watch and see what he does himself. The special will be hitting the streaming service on February 27th. 

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