When searching on Netflix, we always see a bunch of random shows. Whether they're new, old, or just added, I feel like something pops up everyday that I've never even heard about. Well, that would be the case with this new Netflix Canada show. Maybe you're not a big reality TV person, but this may change your mind because there isn't really a show out there like this new show. Back with the Ex on Netflix Canada makes people get back with their ex, and it's our worst nightmare. 

Back with the Ex is an Australian reality TV show that viewers loved in Australia. So much so that the Google rating is 86%! While most of us cringe thinking about getting back with our exes, this show is made entirely out of peoples past relationships. I'm not sure why there was never something like this on MTV, but I'm not mad about it. Back with the Ex is a prime example that some things should just be left in the past. 

In the trailer for Back with the Exa handful of couples can be seen testing out their relationships long after they broke up. In the description on Netflix for the show it says, "New beginnings or old baggage? Four singles have one chance to reignite with an ex or leave the past behind for good." Sounds intense. 

Via Netflix

If you're looking for a quick show to binge watch, this is a great one. The episodes are all around 40 minutes, but there are only 7. Of course, kind of like The Bachelor, at the very end the couples need to see if they want to continue pursuing their estranged relationship or to move on for good. 

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Aaaand if you're considering getting back with your ex, you may want to watch this to get a feel for what may come. It's a great lesson that people change for the good and the bad, and no one stays the same. One couple in this show hasn't seen each other in 28 years and then they're reunited, which is basically like a lifetime apart. To find out what happens to them, you can stream the show on Netflix Canada or watch the trailer below.