Fans who felt disappointed after watching Black Mirror: Bandersnatch will be pleased to learn about a new series coming to Netflix. It seems like the streaming service is trying to make up for the total flop that was its first interactive movie. While we wait for new episodes of the Emmy Award-winning sci-fi show, this new series coming to Netflix Canada has major Black Mirror vibes. Yes, please! 

Earlier today, Netflix took to Twitter and, using its @seewhatsnext account, teased its new series: Osmosis. Hey, look! A science term! Throwing it back to high school chemistry, "osmosis" is that fun little process where molecules pass through a semipermeable membrane to equalize the concentrations on either side of said membrane. Still with us? "Osmosis" can also refer to the steady (sometimes subconscious) adaption to certain beliefs or ideas. 

Our newest series is set in a near-future Paris where apps use your personal memory and all the data they've gathered over your lifetime to find your perfect match. But what happens if your memories — like all data — can be manipulated? #Osmosis premieres March 29 — FIRST LOOK:

February 7, 2019

This new Netflix series is set in the not too distant future in Paris. The show centers around new technology in the form of apps that utilize a person's memory to find their ~*perfect match*~. Sounds a lot easier than Tinder, right? Well, there's always a catch. Netflix tweeted: "But what happens if your memories—like all data—can be manipulated?" Now, THAT could certainly be a pickle. 

See, we told you: major Black Mirror vibes. In fact, the premise for Osmosis sounds like a cross between the Black Mirror episodes "Hang the DJ" and "The Entire History of You." In the former, people date according to an algorithm and every relationship adheres to a predetermined period of time. The latter explores the potential downfalls of microchip technology that records a person's every experience and allows them to playback any memory at will.  

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No word on when we're getting season five of Black Mirror, but Osmosis looks like it has the potential to hold us over in the meantime. The new series is set to premiere on March 29. It will join the growing list of Netflix's original French-language series.