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This New Show Coming To Netflix Looks Like A Mix Of 'Gossip Girl' And 'Pretty Little Liars'

I think we were all heartbroken when Pretty Little Liars and Gossip Girl ended. Those two shows were crucial when we were teens, and now that they're over, all we have left is the reruns on Netflix. Seriously, thank the heavens for Netflix. Especially because this new Netflix drama is a mix of both, with a little bit of Gone Girl as well. 

This new series, which is just called YOU, is an original Netflix series that is about to be all the craze. Seriously, this show is sort of Riverdale, Gone Girl, Black Mirror, Pretty Little Liars and Gossip Girl all in one. It's set in a hyper-connected world, where Penn Badgley plays Joe who tries to win the heart of Beck, and then becomes an obsession boyfriend. 

While trying everything he can to understand her best friend Peach, who is played by Shay Mitchell, and her suspicious ways, Joe actually becomes a stalker who will stop all obstacles in his way in order to be with Beck. And that even means murder! While of course we can't tell who he murders in the trailer, the trailer is so intriguing that we need to know. 

Via Netflix

Via Netflix

In the trailer, Penn Badgley's voice is a voiceover and he can be heard saying things like "Every account is set to public, you want to be seen, heard, known" while he's searching through her Facebook, Instagram, and more. This is after he first meets her, which gives the audience the vibe that he won't be a 'normal' boyfriend. He also can be heard saying he believes in love at first sight, but love can be tricky. By the trailer, this probably means that he's jealous of all of her friends, and maybe one of her friends is jealous of their relationship. 

You can watch the rest of the trailer below, but we can seriously not wait for this show. YOU is September 9th on Lifetime, however, Netflix wanted the show to be viewed internationally, so like Riverdale it will be on the streaming service the day after the show airs on Lifetime. While we won't be able to binge it as soon as it comes out, it looks like the wait will be totally worth it. 

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