Everybody who sees them know that the Currys are total goals. Today, the point guard for the Golden State Warriors just wrote the cutest thing on his Instagram. Taking part in the time-old #WomanCrushWednesday, Stephen Curry gushed about his wife Ayesha in the cutest caption ever. 

In the post, Aysha can be seen looking amazing and posing in ripped black jeans and a tan tank, sitting on a table and looking confidently into the camera.

He wrote, "Just because it Wednesday 😍 ..."

The comments underneath are super supportive too, as fans seem to really love the couple. One wrote "Bruh, this guy is actually trying" and tagged her friend in the comments. Others wrote "Queen" with heart eye emojis.

We absolutely adore their relationship. This isn't the first time that the couple has shouted their affection for one another to the world. And it's clear we all love to watch. 

There are just as many photos of his wife and family on his Instagram as there are epic game moments and shoutouts for the Warriors. Here's his latest sweet post. It's only been up for 36 minutes and already has 169k likes and counting.

In other posts, Curry posted about Ayesha cheering her on as she spoke at the Variety tastemasters award ceremony and plenty of photos with his family as well. 

Last month, Stephen got inked with his the most sentimental tattoo of his wife and family. The Los Angeles-based tattoo artist Winter Stone made his special design, with a geometric wolf (him), butterfly (his wife Ayesha), and unicorn down his leg (his three children).

We're glad to see them so happy and living life to the fullest. The Currys set a wonderful example and we could all take notes from the love they show.