Halloween is only a few weeks away meaning the spooky season is in full swing! If you've completely outgrown the costumes and trick-or-treating then the best way to spend your Halloween is binge-watching scary movies. 

Now there's a brand new horror movie to add your list. While it's not out yet, this latest film recently wrapped up filming in Canada, and after seeing the newly released trailer, we can say that it honestly looks terrifying. 

It's called "Pet Sematary", based on the horror novel by none other than Stephen King, the mind who brought us "IT" and so many other chilling tales. Similar to the recent movie remakes of "IT", it was filmed right here in Canada! 

From June to October of this year, the latest horror flick has been on location in Toronto, using a forest in the area as the backdrop for this horrifying story, because honestly, almost all the great horror films involve some kind of forest. 

In this case, the forest is home not only to a sweet looking and unsuspecting family who moves into a rural house surrounded by trees. The forest is also home to a "pet sematary" which is a creepy collection of crosses and possibly undead animals. Obviously, the strangest and scariest things begin happening to the family, in typical Stephen King fashion. 

If the story isn't enough to give you chills, the movie also features a few jumps scares, like one of a transport truck zooming by, things appearing out of nowhere, and scary sounds to keep you on your toes. 

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"Pet Sematary" stares Jason Clarke, Amy Seimetz, and John Lithgow among others. However it doesn't hit theatres until April 2019, so the trailer will have to be enough to hold you over this spooky season. 

Source: Rolling Stone