This New Study Proves That Literally Everyone In The World Has Better Data Plans Than Canadians

Canada tops the list when it comes to highest revenue per GB of data.
This New Study Proves That Literally Everyone In The World Has Better Data Plans Than Canadians

It's no secret that Canadian mobile data plans have gotten pricey these days. It seems no matter the deal or provider, every Canadian still complains about how little data they have on their plan, or how much they are paying for it in the first place. Unfortunately, while it would be nice to know that cell phone users around the globe are dealing with the same high prices for data, the reality is that they aren't.

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In fact, the Huffington Post points out that according to a new analysis, Canada is home to the highest revenue per GB in the entire world. While that's great for Canadian wireless providers, it isn't so great for the customers. 

Tefficient conducted an industry analysis over 2017-2018 that surveyed 39 countries including those that were industrialized and developed. What they found was that many countries are offering similar plans, but they are a lot less expensive than what Canada is offering. Just look at how fair ahead Canada is on the graph, with the only closest country being Belgium: 

Via Tefficient

*Larger circles represent country data that was obtained in the first half of 2018 while the smaller circles account for data obtained in 2017. 

What the chart above shows is that Canadian mobile providers are currently cashing in the most when it comes to the highest revenue per GB offered where they earn $40 per GB. Meaning it's not surprising that many Canadians are only using around 2 GB of data a month. In comparison, the average of 14 GB a month for users in Finland is likely because the country only earns $1.51 per GB. 

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Right now, Canadian mobile companies are raking in 70 times the revenue per GB that countries such as India are pulling in, and 23 times what Finland is receiving. While the goal of the analysis according to Tefficient wasn't to find the worst deal in the world and rather just evaluate the industry as a whole, it definitely doesn't leave many Canadians feeling good about their phone plans.

Source:Huffington Post