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This New True Crime Documentary On Netflix Canada Is About A Daughter Getting Kidnapped Twice And It's Chilling

Abducted in Plain Sight is the newest true crime documentary on Netflix.

Maybe it's just me, but no matter what time of day I'm walking outside, if I see a car pull up beside me my speed increases dramatically. The reason for this? Well, I've seen enough true crime documentaries and Dateline episodes to know that this is how you get kidnapped. I'm definitely being dramatic, but with Netflix Canada adding a ton of new true crime documentaries and series, I still find myself paranoid. Well Netflix Canada has added another true crime documentary and it's about a girl getting kidnapped... twice. 

Abducted in Plain Sight tells the story of a family and a family friend who was very trusted but ended up taking full advantage of that trust. This true crime documentary is unlike anything you've ever seen, but it's a classic manipulation and abduction story. This story dates back to 1970 when the Broberg family met a nice man, who ended up becoming one of their best friends. Little did they know, he was putting on an act. 

Robert “B” Berchtold was a pedophile looking for a family to control and manipulate without them ever knowing. The Broberg family had a daughter named Jan, who Robert was the most interested in. Now, let me paint a picture for you. Robert had a family of his own, which is not usually a trait of a kidnapper. Most kidnappers are lonely, mean, and don't make friends with the family they're about to take a daughter from. 

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I don't think this family was blindsided by Robert, as whenever you make friends you don't automatically assume someone is a kidnapper. However, in 1974, Robert abducted Jan and took her to Mexico. The family trusted him so much, that they didn't even call the police or have any suspicions until later on. That's how good of a manipulator this man was. 

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Robert managed to kidnap Jan twice. I won't go into detail, so you'll just have to watch the chilling documentary which shows real life interviews with the family, including Jan, as well as FBI agents who have never seen anything like this. The documentary shows a ton of photos of Jan before the kidnappings, and it's truly crazy to see her on the other side of things. 

You can watch Abducted in Plain Sight now on Netflix. And you can view the trailer below.