With summer being the peak season to hit the beach, tourists are slowly becoming less frequent along the southern coasts. Thankfully for us, that means more room to relax on a sandy oceanfront completely undisturbed. If you're in search of some peace and quiet, it's time to make your way to this North Carolina island with pristine beaches and the bluest waters in the state. 

Bogue Banks Island is home to the picturesque town of Emerald Isle, which is arguably one of the most beautiful areas in the state. It's part of the 85-mile stretch of beaches called "Crystal Coast," and it certainly lives up to the name. 

If you make a trip here in the winter, you'll be one of the only tourists in town. In summer, as many as 50,000 tourists flock to this little slice of heaven, on top of only about 4,000 residents

The little town is pushed out far enough in the Atlantic Coast to boast some of the most enchanting colors that resemble the waters of Key West and the east coast of Mexico. 

You get an equal balance of sandy shores and greenery, as you venture out to the Bogue Banks Island Pier to drink in the views or explore the forested inland of Emerald Isle Woods Park

The town itself is only 13 miles long, so you can explore nearly all of its corners in a short period of time. It makes for the perfect weekend getaway, complete with plenty of shopping, martini bars and delicious eateries. 

You can stay at a resort directly on the beach for $119 a night if you go this off-season. While you're relaxing, keep your eyes open for sharks that are making their way down South for the winter. 

Emerald Isle 

Price Per Night: $80+ 

Address or Neighborhood: Emerald Isle, North Carolina

Why you need to go: This scenic beach town is the picture-perfect destination to unwind from city life. 

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