Finding a new date spot in your city can be difficult if you've done it all. It's also fun to find hidden and unique spots that are one of a kind to spice up your date nights. Right here in North Carolina, you can feel like you are right in the middle of a tropical rainforest. This North Carolina Inn and spa has an outdoor bathtub with incredible views and all the privacy in the world.

Lakeview at Fontana in Bryson City, North Carolina is both a rustic inn and nice, luxurious spa. Many people come here to relax and have amazing views of the Smoky Mountains. It is a lodging secret, so once you stay here, you'll keep coming back.

Whether you are just passing through or live near the area, you can enjoy what this spot has to offer. The spa is very affordable and is perfect for couples. Plus, the treetop bathtub is something you must experience at least once in your life. 

We are sure you have seen those dreamy tropical destinations that have the most gorgeous outside bathtubs on Facebook and Instagram that everyone swoons over. Many people don't know that they can have a similar experience right here in North Carolina, for way cheaper. 

It doesn't matter if you're a solo traveler, or if you're traveling as a couple, this activity is perfect for both. This outdoor clawfoot tub can fit up to two people, which is perfect if you're having a romantic getaway with your boo. 

Since the cabana is perched on a wooded hillside, you have to follow a foot trail and climb a few stairs to get to your destination. Once you get to the cabana, you will have complete privacy from everything and you will feel like you're in another world. 

You even get to pick from an array of salts to add to your bath to relax you even more. There are also two options to enjoy this bath, the 90-minute Treetop Cabana rental or the Cloud 9 Treetop Soak.

The 90-minute option is the basic option and the Cloud 9 option includes a soak for two with silk rose petals, chilled champagne and glowing electric candles.

The entire time you are in the soaking tub, you'll have incredible views of Fontana Lake & the Smoky Mountains. This is the perfect getaway to relax and forget about the business of the world. 

Treetop Soaking Cabana 

Price: $99 for 90-minutes & $213 for the Cloud 9 Soak

Address: 171 Lakeview Lodge Drive, Bryson City, NC 28779

Why You Need To Go: You will have amazing views while you soak in a salt-filled tub in a cabana perched on a wooded hill with all the privacy in the world.