Have you ever thought about going to a butcher shop after a relaxing mani/pedi at your local nail salon? Well, now you can do both at once place. Apparently, this North Carolina nail salon butchers deer right in front of customers like it's no biggie. One customer posted a graphic and disturbing image of the occurrence on Facebook.

Facebook user, Morgan Taylor, planned for a relaxing day at the nail salon (as one would expect) but was instead shocked and disgusted when an employee at Diamond NAILS in High Point brought out the body parts of a deer and began butchering them into sections.

According to 13newsnow, Morgan asked the employees what was going on to which the workers responded that they were sectioning deer meat to split up between employees to take home.

Morgan posted the picture on Facebook with the caption, "Hunting for a new nail salon in High Point, North Carolina? Talk about multitaskers... manicures, pedicures, and amateur deer butchers. Oh deer!"

I mean, did they really think they would get away with such an unsanitary act in plain sight? This poses some serious health concerns for the salon, which currently has a 96 health inspection rating.

Luckily, Morgan reported that they were not using any of the tools used on customers, instead cutting the meat with what appeared to be a kitchen knife. Still, it's completely unsanitary and barf-worthy. 

Additional Facebook users posted some comedic relief on the situation on the company's Facebook reviews section.

This user says, "Not the place to go if you want to save a buck." Puns are always the best way to go in any situation, TBH. 

Another FB user jokingly complained that their nails looked great but they waited way too long to get their deer back.

A petrified reviewer dissected the issue further (no pun intended) to point out all the diseases that deer are known to carry and could easily be transferred to customers.

Most commenters are totally on Morgan's side, expressing their utter shock and disgust. It's honestly unheard of and just completely unacceptable.

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