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You Can Explore Turquoise Blue Pools And TWO Waterfalls On This North Georgia Hike

Grab your swimsuits and head on to this adventure.

Natural blue water and short hikes are two things that fuel Georgia natives during the summer. With this level of humidity, we are always looking for fun ways to cool down without having to go to a pool. This hike in North Georgia is relatively short and sweet with water features that are to die for. 

High Shoals Trail is located right outside of Helen, Georgia. The trail is only 2.4 miles round trip. You will walk through a mossy forest with trees that will cover you during the duration of your hike so you won't have to worry about the sun beaming down on you too hard. 

Normally, you have to hike multiple trails and long distances to see more than one waterfall. By the end of this hike, you will have the chance to see two. Each of them falls into turquoise blue water which makes this place even more of a treat. 

Because of the incredible features this specific hike offers, it can get very busy on the weekends. There are no specific hours to this trail, but it is best to get there in the early morning so you can beat the afternoon crowds. 

If you are looking to get an adventure out of the day, you can spend most of the day at this location. Taking your time to take in all the flora that the forest and hike have to offer, you will easily be able to spend most of your morning and afternoon exploring. 

As you head on your way, you will cross over a small bridge with High Shoals Creek running underneath it. It is a nice spot to stop before you even really begin. You can take in the sounds of the flowing creek and look and see if you can find any animal life in the distance. 

The trail is mostly dirt and rocks and there is a small incline for the first part of the hike. It smooths out pretty well for the rest of your trip so you do not have to worry about your legs giving out halfway to the falls. 

Around a mile into your adventure, you will start to descend to come across the first waterfall at this destination. Blue Hole Falls is the name of this first wonder. The falls are 20 feet high and crash down into a blue pool of water. See where the name came from? 

This pool is deep and you will want to jump right in. You can get in and explore this part of the falls, but always be cautious of where you are stepping. When Georgians see blue water, you should expect us to jump right in. 

Continuing on, you will not have to walk too far to get to High Shoals Falls. Descending a bit more, you will run right into it. The water crashes down a series of large stones to make it look more magical than it already is. 

High Shoals Falls is 50 feet tall and is a cascading waterfall. The pool at the bottom is bigger and deeper than Blue Hole Falls, which makes it even more of an adventure.

After you are done exploring the falls, you will be on your way back to where you started. This trail and these sights are completely free. Here is a list of seven places in Georgia where you can take a dip into the most natural springs in the state, including this one. 

High Shoals & Blue Hole Falls 

Price: Free!

Address: 1333 Indian Grave Gap Rd., Hiawassee, GA

Why You Should Go: This trail is a short 2.4-miles long that will lead you through a forest of flora. It also has two beautiful waterfalls that fall into blue pools of water that you can cool off in.