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This Easy Hike In North Georgia Will Take You Through A Canopy Forest To TWO Waterfalls

We are about to jump into the cooler months of the year and that means getting outside to actually enjoy the weather. There are many that are not very keen on outdoor activities or adventures, but we are sure they will enjoy this one. This 2-mile beginner hike that takes you to two waterfalls is sure to be a favorite of many this upcoming season.

DeSoto Falls is located north of Dahlonega, Georgia. It is an easy to moderate hike that you can bring your dog on as well! Not only does this trail keep you cool and bring you beautiful things to see, but it also gives you a little part of GA history. 

This was named after a famous explorer of the 1500s, Hernando de Soto. It is said that a piece of his armor was found here from one of his extensive explorations. You will be hiking exactly where this legend hiked as well. 

Your hike begins near a picnic area, so you can either start your adventure off with a snack, or you can end it with one. Once you are on your way again, you'll cross a wooden bridge. It seems like many GA trails have this feature, but this time, you will be crossing over a flowing creek. 

Frogtown Creek is what you will hear throughout your journey until you get to the falls. Following the creek upstream, you are going to probably need to reach for your water as the elevation increases. 

The first waterfall you will encounter is the lower part of DeSoto Falls. The water cascades over massive boulders and plummets into a pool that is filled with even more boulders. You can view this part while standing on a wooden platform, but be careful, you might get splashed.

Climbing even higher in elevation, you are on your way to the larger of the two falls. This is when you will notice the gigantic pine trees that canopy over you. You will be surrounded by them at this part of your hike. 

You will reach the enormous upper part of the falls that is named, you guessed it, Upper DeSoto Falls. This thing is huge and cascades down multiple tiers of rocks. The platform at this spot is large enough to take a break and just watch the waterfall for a while. 

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DeSoto Falls 

Price: $5 per vehicle 

Address: Find directions here

Why you should go: This is an easy hike that will take you to two waterfalls. You will walk through a canopy forest filled with pine trees hunching over you. The second of the two falls is massive and worth hanging around for a while.