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This One Product From Lush Has Gone Viral And You Need To See Why

If you've ever tried a product from Lush, then you would know that it's life changing. Not only is their brand aesthetically pleasing, and perfect for those Instagram boomerangs, but they're amazing for your entire body as well. If you're not super familiar with Lush, I'll break it down for you. Their products are handmade, they are totally against animal cruelty which means they're a vegetarian company. They're not completely vegan, but you can find a ton of vegan products at their stores. 

It's really no surprise when you find out one of your friends or coworkers loves Lush and spends a majority of their paycheque on it, because same. And it's also no surprise when a product from them goes viral, but this one has a different story behind it. Like most things, a post went viral on Facebook after a woman showed how her babies skin completely cleared up after dealing with pretty terrible eczema. You can see the original Facebook post below. 

Via Facebook

What's the miracle product you ask? Well, it's Dream Cream which has been popular, but definitely not this popular, for a long time. Dream Cream is one of Lush's best selling lotions, and you can definitely see why from the photos above. Dream Cream has the ability to soothe sore, dry, and sensitive skin so it's perfect for pretty much all of us during the entire year. Even if you only get those skin issues during winter, you now know where to turn to! 

Since this viral Facebook post of the adorable baby's skin clearing up incredibly, the online sales have gone up 1,130%. How crazy is that? And if you read the reviews online, you'll know that this product is legit. Not only does this product work well, but it won't break the bank and it has a bunch of natural ingredients that won't leave your skin irritated. Just a few ingredients of this vegan product are: 

  • Oat milk
  • Rose water
  • Organic extra virgin olive oil
  • Organic fair trade cocoa butter
  • Chamomile blue oil
  • Tea tree oil
  • Lavender oil

Okay, it totally sounds like a spa treatment in a tin. Dream Cream is only $29.95 and if you have any of those skin symptoms, this will be life changing for you. 

Via Lush

If you're making a trip to Lush, whether it's to their website or to the store, you need to pick up this product before it goes out of stock again. A life changing product for only $29.95? Sign me up. You can look at the amazing reviews online and/or treat yourself at this Lush online store here