This Ontario Park Is Home To A Rare Turquoise Lake & You Can Visit It So Soon

It's one of the only likes of its kind in Canada.

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McGinnis Lake in Petroglyphs Provincial Park.

McGinnis Lake in Petroglyphs Provincial Park.

You can find something totally unique in this Ontario park, and it's the perfect spring road trip. Petroglyphs Provincial Park is scenic area located in Woodview, just over two hours from Toronto.

The park is officially reopening on May 13, and there are so many things to explore. From hiking trails to rare geological features, you can spend the day soaking up some of the stunning nature Ontario has to offer.

One of the most notable attributes of the park is McGinnis Lake. Situated under 200 metres from the parking lot, the bright turquoise pool is one of the only meromictic lakes in Canada. Meromitic lakes get their vibrant colour due to the fact that their layers of water do not intermix.

Once you've visited the emerald lake, you can explore some other stunning areas. The park is home to the largest-known collection of petroglyphs in the country, which can be found at a sacred site called "The Teaching Rocks". You'll be able to see depictions of turtles, birds, humans, and more.

There are several trails to hike, such as theMarsh Trail which weaves through a thick pine forest, or the West Day Use Trail, which will take you across an ancient streambed. You can also travel along the Nanabush Trail, which will take you past wetlands and rock outcrops.

There are picnic tables available near the lake, so you can pack some snacks and enjoy the serene landscape. You can also discover another rare lake near Toronto which is surrounded by a boardwalk trail.

Petroglyphs Provincial Park

Price: Prices vary

When: Reopening May 13, 2022

Address: 2249 Northeys Bay Rd., Woodview, ON

Why You Need To Go: You can discover a breathtaking emerald lake at this park which is reopening soon.


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