Ontario Police Are Confusing The Crap Out Of Everyone When It Comes To Where They Can Legally Smoke Pot

What does it all mean?!
Ontario Police Are Confusing The Crap Out Of Everyone When It Comes To Where They Can Legally Smoke Pot

Okay, this is super confusing so be prepared. Last night, Sudbury Police sent out a tweet about where residents can legally smoke weed in public. Which is vital information, seeing as recreational marijuana is now officially legal across the country - only their tweets are extremely confusing and have residents seriously baffled.READ MORE: The Toronto Neighbourhood With The Most Pot Smokers Was Just Revealed And It's Not At All Who You Thought It Would Be

They gave out warnings to those in the community that part of the new Cannabis Act, which took effect at midnight, did not get Royal Assent. Therefore, the department says they will be required to enforce laws that the previous Liberal government had introduced.READ MORE: Pot Smokers In Ontario Will Be Able To Light Up Wherever Cigarette Smoking Is Allowed

**IMPORTANT** Please be advised that the new Cannabis Act scheduled to come into effect at midnight tonight did not get Royal Assent. As a result police are required to enforce the Provincial Laws that the Liberal government had previously introduced. More info to follow. dra

October 17, 2018

To make a long story short, they're basically saying that Ontario residents can't legally smoke marijuana in public places just yet. The Ford government intended for this with Bill 36, but according to the police force, it hasn't actually become law.READ MORE: We Bought 30 Grams Of Legal Weed Online In Ontario And We Learned Some Very Concerning Things

Basically, Royal Assent is the approval by the Sovereign of a bill that has passed. It's the process in which a bill becomes an act of Parliament and, ultimately, a law. READ MORE: 6 Surprising Canadian Pot Smoking Facts In Honour Of 4/20 Day

This sounds malicious and fake. The Ontario website clearly states the rules. This is a technicality or clerical procedure to wait for pamphlets to be printed. It’s lame to enforce rules to the last second and minute. It’s predatory and promotes the black market.😝.

October 17, 2018

According to the Legislative Assembly of Ontario website, as of today, Bill 36 is having its third reading which will be debated. It also states that the Act will come into force the day it receives Royal Assent, which it apparently hasn't yet.

So, it looks like the Sudbury Police are onto something because as it would seem, smoking pot in public in Ontario isn't even officially legal.

The department went on to say that anyone in the city caught doing so could be charged with "Consuming Cannabis in a Prohibited Place Other Than Vehicle or Boat". As for the penalty and associated fines, "those have not been provided to us yet. Right now it would be a provincial offence notice or a summons," police stated.

We are referring to Bill C-36 that would permit ppl to smoke/vape cannabis in public places. Bill C-36 did not receive Royal Assent. Currently, ppl can only smoke/vape in a private residence until this new legislation is passed. It is expected to pass in the near future.

October 17, 2018

So there you have it, Ontario. Did you get all that? Smoke safe out there and be careful where you do it, too.

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Source: Legislative Assembly of Ontario, Twitter