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Tennessee Is Opening An All-New Pay-What-You-Can Restaurant Next Year

It's taking soul food to the next level.
This Pay-What-You-Can Restaurant In Tennessee Opens In 2020

We don't know about you, but eating is probably our favorite hobby. While most of us are privileged to enjoy some dining out here and there, not all are fortunate enough to do so and the South aims to change that. This brand new pay-what-you-can restaurant in Tennessee is opening its first location next year, making quality and delicious food accessible for all. 

Going out to eat is seriously the best but sometimes our budget suffers a bit when we spend our weekends restaurant hopping. Row Crop Community Eatery is giving everyone the opportunity to grub on some yummy Southern food, regardless of income. It will open its first location in Roan Mountain, Tennessee in Spring 2020. 

The company's business plan centers around the "One World Everybody Eats" mentality because when it comes down to it, we all need food to live.

Food obviously comes with a price but this pay-what-you-can concept lets customers fork out whatever they have available in hopes that the more fortunate will donate what they can to balance out profit.

According to a WCYB article, an average of 80% of customers must pay an expected amount of cash (or more) to keep the restaurant standing.

Just because the community-style concept is affordable for all doesn't mean that quality must be sacrified. The menu is based on farm-to-table values offering made-from-scratch options that incorporate a delicious and healthy twist on Southern classics.

This trust-based program is meant to help those who struggle financially, so be honest and actually pay what you can. We want to help the restaurant live out its values while sustaining its success. It will join other community diners in the area including F.A.R.M Cafe, ComeUnity Cafe and One Acre Cafe.

Row Crop is hosting a Christmas dinner and concert on Dec. 6 at Triple J Farms. A minimum $20 donation is requested to enjoy the food and music, as well as help with funding for the diner.  

The cafe will be open everyday (except Sunday) for lunch and dinner. They will also have Saturday brunch. Come on out and show your support for the community and help provide a warm meal for those in need. 

For more afforable eats in TN, Guy Fieri is bringing a chicken heaven to the state with all menu items at less than $10. You'll also spend about $10 at this burger joint, but you can really go all out with the 25-pound burger bigger than your head.

Row Crop Community Eatery

Price: 💸

Cuisine: Southern

Address: Roan Mountain, Tennessee

Why You Need To Go: Enjoy some quality Southern soul food in a community-style eatery and help the less fortunate enjoy it too.

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