This Phone Call Scam Is Costing Canadians Thousands Of Dollars And Here's How To Protect Yourself

A certain vicious phone call scam is resurfacing across the country, costing victims as much as $400 per minute.  Known as the "one ring" scam, the call targets people by calling them and hanging up after one ring.

If you're curious enough to call back, your call might be greeted with a pre-recorded message or waiting music. By calling, you might've unknowingly accepted these astronomical service charges to your phone bill.

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The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre says that Canadians are one of the primary targets for scams. If you've ever accepted a phone call from a random number, you should always check your phone bill for unusual charges.

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Back in February, Toronto police issued a warning after one phone call scam managed to get $5.1 million from five victims in the city. The scam supposedly made "hundreds of thousands" of attempts to call Canadians and convince them that they were the target of credit card fraud. 

It's important to note that blocking a foreign number doesn't necessarily mean that you're safe from fraudulent calls. Phone numbers that are used in scams change all the time. We suggest that if you don't know anyone from the area code that's calling you, just let it go to voicemail. 

Source: CTV