You Can Live The Ultimate Private Island Lifestyle On This 5.5 Acre Island In Florida

As remote as paradise.
You Can Live The Ultimate Private Island Lifestyle On This 5.5 Acre Island In Florida

Palm trees, key deer and white sands surround this tropical haven. You could live the ultimate private island exprience at Little Palm Island where your worries can be submerged underwater.

Little Palm Island Resort & Spa has been visited by presidents, celebrities and savvy travelers looking for a relaxing stay away from the urban noise. The exclusive location offers guests a magical vacation within a 5.5 acre which can only be reached by sea-plane and boat.

If you have an upcoming baby moon, honey moon, or solo moon next year this is the perfect escape from your daily routine. With 30 spacious oceanfront suites, the island offers a private white sand beach and one of the most romantic hotel venues.

This place offers the perfect retreat staycation and escapade from mundane life. Currently, the island and hotel is getting a total transformation due to Hurricane Irma but do not despair because the transformation will be marvelous. 

As stated on their website, the project is not forecasted to be complete until January of 2020. However, this gives you plenty of time to plan your stay and island escape.

In addition, this hidden paradise offers great private dining and the finest cuisine with exclusive views of the ocean. The resort is known for offering the ultimate spa journey with exotic Balinese spa treatment and Thai body rituals to make your stay even more relaxing.

The resort and spa can be found at Latitude 24°36.78Longitude 81°23 .63. So if you were thinking of driving here, re-think your travel options. To learn more about their amenities, services, and hotel booking click here. 

Little Palm Island

Price: Varies on package. 

Address: 28500 Overseas Highway, Little Torch Key, FL 33042

Why you need to go: This 5.5 acres island is secluded and offers the best vacation with views from the Atlantic Ocean. Stay tuned for their re-opening in 2020.


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