It is so cliché to say we are ready for cooler weather, Pumpkin Spice Lattes, and pumpkin patches — but we so are. Summer was meant for sunflower fields and bathing suits, but it's now almost time for corn mazes and flannels. This pumpkin patch farm in Georgia is the perfect place to partake in the season's best activities.

Copper Creek Farm's corn maze and pumpkin patch is back Sept. 27 and it is going to be spectacular. The farm is located in Calhoun, Georgia and is known for their massive sunflower fields and the cute buckets you can put them in. In the fall, they are known for their large corn maze and cute pumpkin patch. Basically, this destination is "date goals" every season. 

If you are looking for a more spooky experience, you need to go in October when they turn their corn maze into a haunted maze on certain dates throughout the month. There will also be haunted barns that you can work up the courage to walk through. 

The corn maze and the pumpkin patch will make its public debut on Sept. 27 and go through Nov. 3. You will have plenty of time to experience these fall activities all season. Racing through a massive corn maze, screaming and trying to find your way out is what this season is all about. 

The pumpkin patch should also be on your to-do list when you visit Copper Creek. What is better than taking a picture with your significant other holding a pumpkin? It's an obvious must-do. This place has an actual patch you can pick your pumpkin from. 

When it comes to Halloween and scare lovers, this place caters to you as well. Throughout the month of October, you can get your scare fix. As you go through the corn maze, you will notice that the only thing that is lighting the steps in front of you is the moonlight. Creepy. 

There will be sinister monsters ready to jump and frighten you as you make your way through the maze. Make your way to the barns that are on the premises to get even more spooked. While there is a disclaimer that states, "We DO NOT have elements of hardcore, extreme gore, violence, torture, etc." you will still get a good spook without those elements. This is your fair warning.

For both the regular corn maze admission and the haunted maze, it is $16.83. This includes your entry and admission to everything else that is on the farm so you will not be paying extra once you get in. 

There are a few sunflower fields in Georgia that are opening within the next month like this one in North Georgia that's 30 acres of bright yellow and this one on Fausett Farms that has 900,000 sunflowers

Copper Creek Farms 

Price: $17

When: Sept. 27 to Nov. 2

Address: 1514 Reeves Station Rd., Calhoun, GA

Why You Need To Go: You can get lost in the massive corn maze that is here and pick your own pumpkin from an actual patch.