Growing up, you probably didn't dream of spending the night on the school bus. The museum sure, maybe even a grocery store, but not a school bus. But with unused items like containers and cars being remodeled into homes, school buses are now joining the trend and are becoming great Airbnbs. There is a super retro school bus in West Texas that you can actually spend the night in. This isn't your ordinary bus either; the bus has two beds, a fire pit, and a breathtaking view of Big Bend. 

The 1972 bus won't look like your average school bus, as it has the quirkiest graffiti painted on both sides. There are also small paintings and art contributions that have been added by previous guests. Inside you won't find a kitchenette but there is a grill and a fire pit that you are more than welcome to use. Outside there are also several chairs and a picnic table. The bathroom on site is only a short walking distance.

There is wifi on the property and they use solar energy to charge all your devices. The bus is a great spot to vacay to any time of year has it has both heat for the cold months and a fan for the hot months. You are also allowed to bring your pet as long as they are not aggressive.

You can stay the night at this awesome bus for just $51 a night. It does fit four people and guests are responsible for bringing their own bedding and linens. There are several spots still available for the rest of the summer.

This awesome bus Airbnb is located in Terlingua, Texas. To book your stay you can visit their Airbnb page here.

For a glamping experience like no other, you need to check this stunning and cheap place out on your next road trip!

School Bus "Franny" Airbnb

Price Per Night: $51

Address or Neighborhood: Terlingua, Texas

Why you need to go: This retro school bus offers a unique experience for those who are looking to find a great place to camp. It comes with a fire pit and a grill plus the best views in west Texas.

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