The Pacific Northwest is full of adventurers that love getting outside. If you have a wandering spirit too, you're sure to find an odd roadside attraction in Washington that'll give your insta feed exclusive bragging rights for finding it. One such wonder is That NW Bus. 

Located near the Palouse Falls, this vehicle is odd at first sight. A short 500-foot walk to it will unfold. It's graffitied in a burst of colors that's sure to appeal to your inner hippie spirit. 

A seven-mile drive from the tiny town of Washtucna will take you to this broken-down relic. There's no parking here, so you'll have to pull up by the road.

Nobody knows how the abandoned school bus got there. But now, it's a piece of history that has been named and claimed by social media as #ThatNWBus. You can even climb and explore inside it.  

This bus was the typical yellow that you remember from your school days. According to reports, it was rumored to be used by a local crop duster to store equipment and has been sitting there for decades. 

Scribbled across the bus, you'll find phrases like "wanderland," "rebel," odd "burger," and other inspirational phrases.

The best part? Next time you visit, it's possible that there will be even more artwork sprayed on it, adding to the community art.

Good samaritans have now cleaned up inside the structure and painted it too.

This has made it a popular place to hang out with your friends, share a spooky tale or two, or even have a picnic on a nice day.

It's possible to bump into other people enjoying the space. Who knows, you might make a new friend too! Make sure to wear your trippiest outfit for a memorable snap inside.

While you're visiting this hidden attraction, make sure you stop by the state's official waterfall, the Palouse Falls. It was carved by the Ice Age and is nestled in a little Grand Canyon in Washington.

The quest to find this bus is sure to get you outside and on an adventure. 


Address: Off Highway 260, near Palouse Falls 

Why You Need To Go: This trippy, abandoned school bus is the perfect day trip for an adventurer.  

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