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This North Carolina Salt Cave Is Hosting A Crystal Sound Healing Concert Next Month

Relief from insomnia, breathing woes & anxiety found here.
This Salt Cave In North Carolina Is Having A Sound Healing Concert In March

Self-care is a priority all 2020. When you're looking for a healing outlet, the first thing that comes to mind is probably a simple massage, but there's a whole world of holistic experiences waiting to transform your life. If you want to upgrade your "treat yourself" day, you can head to this salt cave in North Carolina that's hosting a sound healing concert next month. 

Asheville is known for its seemingly never-ending lists of breweries, but you can do more here than just let loose - you can actually piece yourself together at The Asheville Salt Cave

More than 20 tons of pink salt line the floors and walls of this eclectic cave that some people completely swear by. 

Salt caves reportedly draw toxins and impurities out of our bodies. This type of therapy is specifically beneficial to those suffering from respiratory ailments, colds, minor infections and various skin conditions.

All you have to do is sit back, relax and breathe in the purified air. 

Now if you take this tactic and mix it in with another holistic healing experience, it makes for the ultimate day at ease. 

Sound healing comes together with this salt cave experience for an ultra therapeutic concert. 

The Asheville Salt Cave is hosting a sound healing concert on March 21. 

The sounds of singing crystal bowls, unique African instruments and various drums will permeate the space in hopes that the sounds will relax you externally and internally. 

Sound healing is intended to obviously relax you, but even deeper than that it's meant to combat anxiety and insomnia.

To experience this double dose of healing is $45, and space is limited within the cave. 

If you miss the concert, you can always come back for a sit-down session in the cave for $20 or indulge in a massage for $60 and up.

Asheville Salt Cave Concert

Price: $45

When: March 21

Address: 16 N Liberty St., Asheville, NC 

Why You Need To Go: You can experience a double dose of healing here at this salt cave, sound healing combo.