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This Scenic Drive In Alabama Has 11 Miles Of Free Breathtaking Views

Whether you live for the floral blooms of spring or the colorful splendor of autumn leaves, there's never a bad time to go for a scenic drive — especially if you’re in a place overflowing with unique and lush landscapes. Vast forests and bluffs showcase the vibrant colors of the seasons perfectly in The Heart of Dixie, and you can catch all the action on one particular scenic drive in Alabama. These eleven miles along AL Highway 176 will give you views for days, and you’ll want to make frequent stops to really take it all in.

The drive is located in the Fort Payne area, along the western side of Little River Canyon. Little River Falls Boardwalk Overlook is where the journey begins, as you wind down gentle slopes in the road through vivid thickets of trees on AL Highway 35.

A sharp turn onto County Road 255 takes you past an old church, where you can then turn right again on Adamsburg Road to follow it back to AL Highway 35.

Your scenic drive comes to an end at Eberhart Point Overlook, once known as Canyonland Park. Park your car and follow a short paved trail with a moderate slope to reach views that sweep over the canyon.

There's even a dirt path that leads you down into the canyon if you're geared up for a full-fledged hike.

The whole drive flaunts the grandeur of the rocky canyons, the falls' rushing waters, and brilliant woodlands. There are several outlooks along the way that practically beg you to pull over and step out to fully soak in the views — and snap stunning shots for your feed, of course.

The best part? It’s totally free, although most of the outlooks are only open during the day.

Pulling over at the different outlook stops is totally worth it, giving you an extended view of the mountain range and waterfalls, as well as a closer look at some local flora. Very little walking at each stop is required to see the best sights.

You’ll even pass the famous Mushroom Rock along your way, which has become a bit of a canyon landmark and makes for some unique photo ops.

Whether you’re passing through during the colorful months, when the wood is bright green in the summer, or even when the trees are sleeping during winter, these views are always worth it.

Scenic Drive

Price: Free

Address: Little River Canyon Center, 472 Alabama Hwy 35,Fort Payne, AL

Why You Need To Go: Get the best Alabama views and take your time and enjoy the ride!

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