This Secret Speakeasy In North Carolina Doubles As An Awesome Escape Room

What more could you ask for?
This Secret Speakeasy In North Carolina Also Has Escape Games

Both secret speakeasies and fun escape rooms have been popping up everywhere, and they're both a pretty great time. When you mix the two together, it makes for an even better time. This secret speakeasy in North Carolina is both a bar and has three escape room games you can play. 

The Conundrum in Asheville is one of the most immersive bar experiences you will ever experience. You'll be transported back to the prohibition era with themed drinks and games inside the speakeasy. You have to know the password to get in (on the website) and when the red light is on, you know the bar is open.

The coolest part about this spot is that there are also a few escape room game options here as well. Alcohol plus a fun game of an escape room will be a great time.

During the day, those 12 and up can experience the escape rooms at this spot. This destination sits beneath the old Battery Park Hotel, so the vibe is mysterious and a little creepy. 

You can choose between The Vampire's Vault, Who Wacked Wise Guy and The Attic of Abigail Falkirk. All of these are pretty creepy, so if you're down for a little scare while trying to escape, this place is for you. 

When the sun goes down, you can enter the secret speakeasy through a bookcase that doubles as a door. There are so many different drinks and many have absinthe in them. The Conundrum offers probation era cocktails that include absinthe drips and shooters to really get your night going. 

If you want more of an experience at this spot, you have to purchase a sensory tasting. The wine and beer sensory tasting is in complete darkness so all your senses are heightened. Each of the samples includes a snack pairing, so it makes this experience even better. 

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The Conundrum 

Price: Escape rooms & tastings are $25+

Address: 1 Battle Square, Asheville, NC 28801

Why You Need To Go: This one spot has escape room games, a secret speakeasy and sensory tastings in complete darkness. 

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