With the number of parks and natural areas Tennessee has to offer, it's nearly impossible to visit them all (even though we really want to). There are a few short trails at each one that you can explore that'll give you a taste of the entire park, which is something we are so down for. This short trail in Tennessee will take you across the Kentucky border and to a massive waterfall. 

Yahoo Falls Loop Hiking Trail is located in the famous Big South Fork National Area. It is mainly in Tennessee, but some trails, like this one, lead into Kentucky. This loop is easy to moderate and takes you to the 113-foot Yahoo Falls.

This route is pretty popular all throughout the year; the wildflowers here bloom during the warmer months and the leaves change colors in the fall which makes for a beautiful background.

Hiking at Big South Fork is probably the most popular activity at this park because there are so many beautiful trails to explore.

Yahoo Falls Loop Trail might be your favorite of all the hikes because it'll lead you to Kentucky's tallest waterfall. Throughout your entire journey, you'll be surrounded by some scenery you might only see in movies so snap all the pics. 

This loop is only about 1.1 mile round trip, so you can easily do this hike in the morning and still have the rest of your day to explore some other parts of the park. There are several wooden bridges you'll have to cross and eventually, you'll reach some steep metal stairs that you'll have to watch your footing on. 

Once you make it to the 113-foot waterfall, the trail will actually take you to the top and around the back of the falls. This rock shelter (cave) is one of the largest in the area, so you're in for a treat. Exploring behind the waterfall makes for an even better adventure and some pretty cool photos. 

Since this is a natural waterfall, obviously the weather affects the flow of the water. During dryer parts of the year, the water won't be flowing too much, but if you go right after it rains, you'll be sure to see a gushing waterfall. 

There are so many places in Tennessee that are hard to believe are even real, including Yahoo Falls (even though it goes into Kentucky).

There's also another gorgeous and massive waterfall in the state that was actually featured in Jungle Book that you should make the trek to. 

Yahoo Falls 

Price: Free

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Why You Need To Go: This short trail will take you to Kentucky's largest waterfall and it has a rock cliff that you can explore behind the falls.