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This Simple Airplane Seat Hack Will Give You More Room When You Fly

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This Simple Airplane Seat Hack Will Give You More Room When You Fly

Flying is both great and bad at the same time. On one hand you're traveling though the air at hundreds of kilometres an hour thousands of feet about the ground. On the other hand you're cramped in a tiny seat with almost no leg room and the person in front of you has leaned their seat all the way back. 

Thankfully if you know where to sit, you can get a little extra room on your next flight.    

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Unfortunately this small but incredibly simple hack isn't available on every seat of a plane, or on every plane. So, if you want it you'll need to sit in an aisle seat. If you only like window seats, you'll be out of luck here. 

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The secret is that on the underside of most aisle seats on planes, there's a magic button that will allow you to move the armrest up so it’s flush with the back of your seat. That means no more having to deal with an armrest in a tiny seat digging into your side.  

To find this button all you need to do is feel under the armrest close to the back of the seat and that's where you'll find it.    

The button is really designed so that if there's an emergency and you need to escape your seat quickly the armrest won't get in your way. 

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But if you feel like moving the armrest out of the way just to have a little extra space that's totally fine so feel free to use this tip on your next flight to give yourself some extra room. 

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