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You Can Tube Down A 700-Foot Chute In This Wintry North Carolina Town For Only $30

It's the best way to see the Blue Ridge Mountains!
This Snowy North Carolina Town Has Extreme Tubing And Its Completely Affordable

Living in the South, you're never guaranteed a full-blown, snowy winter. However, there are a few exceptions to that notion littered throughout the area. Few southern cities offer that winter wonderland vibe all season long, but there's one city that always delivers. Atop this wee North Carolina mountain, you can go extreme tubing in this snow-covered town. 

Beech Mountain gets an average total of 84 inches of snow annually, so it's basically a northern city mistakenly placed in the South. The mountain is home to a gorgeous resort that's famous for skiing, but if you're not a master skier, tubing requires much less skill. 

There's an entire park dedicated to tubing that's adjacent to the Resort Village. This isn't your average rinky-dinky hill, but rather extra long tubing chutes where you'll be flying down the slopes through no effort at all. 

Some chutes check-in at 700 feet, so the adrenaline rush is well worth what you pay. You pay for a two-hour time slot, which costs $30 on weekdays and $35 on the weekends. 

Even if it's scary, you better keep your eyes open because the chutes offer sweeping views of the frosted Blue Ridge Mountains. 

The snowy adventures don't stop there. You can keep your day going by ice skating right next door or by hitting the iconic Alpine Village. 

Beech Mountain is way too abundant in activities to just visit. Plan to spend a couple of days at the Beech Mountain Resort or you're just not doing winter right. 

North Carolina is truly a winter wonderland all in itself. Visit these Christmas-themed places in the state to celebrate the season. 

If you're all Christmas-ed out, this groovy lodge that has all the good vibes. 

Beech Mountain Lodge 

Price: $30-$35

Address: 1007 Beech Mountain Parkway, Beech Mountain, NC 28604

Why You Need To Go: Flying down the mountain in a tube is the best way to catch a view of the iconic Blue Ridge Mountains. Plus, it's only $30!