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This State Park In North Georgia Has Amazing Views & A Crystal Clear Waterfall

The leaves in Georgia are getting ready to change (we can only hope) and the best way to see them is to hike to the mountain tops. Sometimes, this means you have to take strenuous hikes to get to them, but boy is it worth it. This one State Park in North Georgia is one of those treks, but you will see views from the high-elevation summit. 

James E. Edmonds Trail at Black Rock Mountain State Park is located in Rabun County in Georgia. It is a strenuous and difficult hike, but so worth it in the end. Round trip, this hike is 7.2 miles and gives you some of the most spectacular views in North Georgia.

This park is Georgia's highest-elevation State Park coming in at 3,640 feet, so you already know your views will be amazing. Between gorgeous summit views, mountain streams and waterfalls, you will get everything on this hike. 

At the beginning of your hike, you will constantly be walking up the hills in elevation, and descending down the hills; there is no constant. The trail will eventually travel into a canopy forest and the trees will create a beautiful scenic background. 

You will start hearing creeks flow as you get closer and closer to the mountain streams that run down Black Rock Mountain. If this doesn't relax you or give you a sense of calming, we don't know what will.

Taylor Creek is just one of the streams you will cross over during your hike. This is where you will find yourself taking a break before ascending to the summit of the mountain. To start the last half of the journey, you will first see views of valleys and mountain tops from Lookoff Mountain.

Before your trek ends, you will see a beautiful waterfall. Taylor Creek falls over a set of boulders to create a cascading fall. The best part, the bottom of the falls is a crystal clear pool that is perfect to dip your feet in. 

The best hikes have all of the things above, and this is just another one that you can explore. If you are looking for a shorter hike but still want the views, this trail is only 0.6-miles and takes you to two cascading waterfalls. 

James E. Edmonds Trail

Price: $5 for parking

Address: 3085 Black Rock Mountain Parkway, Mountain City, GA 30562

Why You Need To Go: You will get amazing views at the summit of this mountain, as well as go through a canopy forest and see a cascading waterfall.