There's no denying that the winter in Canada can get pretty brutal. From frigid winds to blinding blizzards we get enough winter weather to last us a lifetime here! But if there's one thing us Canadians love to do is embrace the cold winters because we don't shy away from a little bit of cold. 

If you truly want to embrace the winter months in Canada and spend some time outside without completely freezing, you should definitely check out this stunning winter spot. Spas are a perfect place to relax during the winter months because they transform into a magical wintry oasis. 

The most magical of them to be found in Canada is the Kananaskis Nordic Spa, which is located just over an hour from Calgary! This stunning Nordic landscape comes with 50,000 square feet of relaxation to be explored all winter long. 

This stunning indoor/outdoor spa comes with five outdoor pools at different temperatures, the main lodge with a bistro, three saunas, a steam cabin, and tons of services available for purchase! They have an amazing day rate at only $85, where you can have full access to all of their amazing amenities! You can wander through the outdoors in an adorable plaid robe and your coziest winter tuque. 

This enchanting winter oasis is surrounded by nature, so you can soak in a hot tub with gorgeous views of snowy mountain peaks, lush green forests, and rushing lakes! While we definitely recommend trying out the hydrotherapy, trying out one of their massage therapies is just as amazing. 

You can book a relaxation, therapeutic deep tissue, aromatherapy, or couples massage, and you'll receive access to all the hydrotherapy amenities for free! 

Check out their website for more information! 

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