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This Surreal Hot Spring Is A Hidden Paradise In Canada

A must-visit destination.
This Surreal Hot Spring Is A Hidden Paradise In Canada

Tucked away in Canada's northwest end is a breathtaking hot spring that is truly a paradise on Earth.

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The Liard River Hot Springs are the second largest in all of Canada. Tucked away in the thick of a boreal spruce forest in British Columbia, the surreal space is a prime destination for relaxation and nature immersion. Because its waters are heated to a cozy 52°C, the facility remains open year-round and provides relief for Alaska-bound hikers and travellers.

The hot springs are a site of national ecological significance. The surrounding environment is brimming with a rich diversity of plant and animal life that feed off of the warm water swamp. It was even coined the "Tropical Valley" due to its plethora of exotic-like flora.

Because of the sensitive habitat, visitors are asked to stay at the hot springs site at all times, which is perfectly fine because there are plenty of spaces to wander around in the facility. There's a main boardwalk that passes through various areas of the hot spring complex, including the pools, the warm water swamp and parts of the forest. 

Those looking to stay overnight can choose to reserve a spot at the hot spring's campground. It's also open year-round and consists of campfires, drinking water, picnic areas, and pit/flush toilets.

If you're looking to travel from Vancouver to the Yukon via the Alaska Highway, check out this useful guide by Field & Forest to help you plan your trip so that you'll hit the Liard River Hot Springs along the way.

Hot spring oasis at Liard River

Nearby waterfall at Liard River Hot Springs Provincial Park

Close-up of the 52-degree heated water

Steps to the boreal bath

Nearby boardwalk trail in the park

The Liard River under the Northern Lights

Taking a dip in the winter

Plan your trip to the Liard River Hot Springs today!

For more information on the Liard River Hot Springs, visit the British Columbia website.

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