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This Survey App Will Reward You With These 6 Things For Giving Your Opinion On Your Favourite Canadian Subjects

Sharing your thoughts has never been better.
This Survey App Will Reward You With These 6 Things For Giving Your Opinion On Your Favourite Canadian Subjects

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It's no secret that any chance to make money in your downtime is a pretty great thing. Whether it's during your daily commute or while waiting for your tea to steep, if you're anything like me, whenever you have few spare seconds, out comes the smartphone. Now, instead of scrolling through cat memes (as adorable as they are), you can use this time to give your two cents while also getting some awesome rewards with the LEO survey app by Leger. 

Newly launched in Canada, this handy (and free) app lets you take surveys on topics you actually care about. Share your opinion (confidentially, of course) and get rewarded with points that you can use to redeem tons of cool prizes.

It's already gratifying to use your opinion to make a difference — now LEO has made it rewarding too. So instead of scrolling through my Insta feed in the morning, you can find me offering my two cents on a bunch of different topics before cashing in on these awesome rewards

1. $20 Starbucks or Tim Hortons Gift Card 

Why You Need It: Whether you're a fan of grande chai lattes in the morning or an iconic dark roast and a donut, these two LEO rewards will let you sip and munch away to your heart's content. Your java will taste even better if you pay using a gift card you earned while having fun. There's an Sbux or Timmies at basically every corner, so seize the moment and buy a round for your friends or coworkers, if you'd like!

2. 20 Air Miles Reward Miles

Why You Need It: Are you an aspiring world traveller? I know I am. Basically, my list of places to go is longer than all my grocery lists combined. This LEO reward makes it easy to save up for that big trip to Europe (or anywhere else, really). Of course, if travelling isn’t really your jam, you can also use Air Miles to get store discounts and cool merchandise. Whether you need to stock up on your favourite shampoo and face wash or cleaning supplies and household items, this reward comes in super handy.

3. $20 Prepaid Visa Card

Why You Need It: As a massive fan (and proud of it) of online shopping, I know all too well that some merchants only accept credit cards. Since I am a frugal millennial trying to pay off debt, these prepaid cards are lifesavers. This LEO reward means that once you find that bestselling book or sports cap you've been hunting down, you can easily make the purchase. Plus, it's not really spending if I use my LEO points, right?

4. $20 PayPal Transfer

Why You Need It: If you didn’t already know, PayPal is basically cash that also lets you make online purchases with ease. That crisp digital $20 covers all my online streaming for the month — just for taking surveys. What could be better?

5. $50 or $100 Cheque In The Mail

Why You Need It: Okay, so I may be guilty of using my LEO rewards for practical stuff like my electricity bill. I mean, when you can take fun surveys and get cold hard cash, who can resist? With this reward, you receive a $50 or $100 cheque that you can spend on literally ANYTHING. Don't really feel like being so responsible all the time? Well, good news: you can always enjoy the fruits of your labour by treating someone to a nice meal instead. From adulting to letting loose, the possibilities are basically endless.

6. Eligibility For Monthly Contests

Why You Need It: If you're anything like me, then you love the chance to win a contest — any contest. The coolest part of this reward is diversity. Featuring everything from four-figure cash to wicked travel destinations, with just a bit of luck, you can snag some life-changing stuff.

The contests refresh every month, making it even more intriguing to answer new surveys. Up your odds by taking more surveys and just wait for the awesome news to arrive. Totally separate from my reward points, this incentive always keeps me on my toes.

So, not only do you get to provide feedback on all the subjects you care about, but the LEO app basically pays for the latte you sip while you give your opinion. Now, you can use your voice to make a positive impact on the world while getting all sorts of fun stuff from cash to coffee (and all the goodies in between!).

Take advantage of these great rewards by downloading the LEO app on Google Play and the App Store. Follow LEO on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter to keep up with new contests. Share your journey with #itsjustmyopinion and start getting rewarded for giving your two cents today. Use the promo code NARCITY to get 2000 points when you subscribe for the first time!