The Evergreen State is known for its orca whales. But have you ever heard of sharks in the area? This aquarium in Washington state not only has over a dozen of them, but they'll let you get up-close and personal with the big fishes underwater. Yup, you read that right! 

Tacoma's Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium offers Eye-To-Eye Shark Dives in their 225,000-gallon exhibit. The waters are at a balmy 74 degrees, so you can get a taste of the blue tropical South Pacific without actually flying out to Tahiti. 

For $75 per person (including admission), you'll get a 60-minute experience. This price also includes gear and a dry-suit rental that completely seals out water, so you can wear street clothes underneath.

Who doesn't like saving some cash? If you can get here on a weekday and would like a 20% discount on your dive, you can fill out a form here too. 

The tank has 15 massive sharks — five different species of them swimming around only a few feet away from your face. 

If you're an aquatic junkie, you'll have one hell of a time. You can marvel at species like hovering nurse, gliding sand tigers, sandbars, blacktip reefs, and silvery crevalle jacks. 

The best part? You don't even need to know how to dive to opt for this encounter. Anyone above the age of eight is welcome to get into the 12-foot long cage which will be suspended in the aquarium

Experts will teach you the basics of breathing and a trained diver will be present in the cage with you at all times. 

Although you aren't allowed to take your camera underwater, a trained diver will take videos and photos of you with the sharks that you can purchase after.

Since the price of the ticket includes the rest of the aquarium too, you can plan on spending a whole day here. 

There's a whole other aquarium housing critters from across the cold Northwest to tropical Baja California. There's even a forest sanctuary with Asian animals like elephants, leopards, and Sumatran tigers! 

Who wouldn't want to see animals from around the world under one roof without having to spend big bucks on a plane ticket? 

Eye-To-Eye Shark Dives

Price: $75 (20% off on weekdays if you sign up here)

When: Year-round 

Address: Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium, 5400 N Pearl St.,Tacoma, WA

Why You Need To Go: You can get up-close and personal with sharks.