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Fans Are Begging For This Teen Mom Family To Get Fired From The Show After Homophobic Tweets

Fans of the hit MTV show, Teen Mom are up in arms with the network after finding out that one of the stars of the show has been sending out homophobic tweets.

In progressive time like 2018 we'd like to think that there is absolutely no reason for a huge network like MTV, to be promoting and paying an individual that is clearly homophobic. Well, apparently they are and fans are not having any of it.

Jenelle Evans, one of the most controversial stars of all time from the Teen Mom franchise, is at the centre of another controversy. Fans are slamming her and her husband, David Eason for some seriously disturbing tweets.

The alleged tweets are now deleted, but a Twitter user has screenshotted conversations where trans children and homophobia are debated between Eason and various parents. 

This is the type of person that’s allowed on tv, the type of person that’s paid by @mtv & @Viacom, and the type of person our youth is influenced by! We need to take a stand for gender equality and show our youth they’re loved no matter who they grow up to be!

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