If you love scary movies and true crime podcasts, then you need to check out this escape room in BC where they lock you in a serial killer's twisted game. Horror Escape in Victoria, BC is taking the game to a whole other level with its escape room called The Cellar. Fans of horror movies, Halloween and all things creepy will absolutely love this experience!

You have to learn the rules of a serial killer's game in order to escape—if you can! This escape room is made for anyone looking for a challenge since you'll have to collect the clues and play by the twisted rules of a serial killer in order to make it out alive.

Bring your cleverest friends with you and work as a team to solve the puzzles in time without losing your cool because you're stuck in a hyper-realistic playground of a murderer!

Via Horror Escape

It's clear that Horror Escape puts a lot of effort into creating their detailed puzzles, beguiling mysteries and interactive rooms. The setting is totally immersive and wrapped up in a spooky mystery. There are creepy sounds and music, dim lighting and other scary surprises. 

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Via Horror Escape

You can book your escape room at Horror Escape in Victoria online. Admission is $25 per person and there can be 2-7 players in a room at once. Each experience is an hour long with 45 minutes spent in the escape room and 15 minutes on intros and final debriefings.

Via Horror Escape

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You can visit their website for opening hours and additional information.