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You Can Take The Most Scenic Train Ride From Texas To California For Only $161

The coolest road trip ever... no driving involved!
You Can Take The Most Scenic Train Ride From Texas To California For Only $161

The best part about cross country road trips are the incredible and scenic stops you take on the way, along with all of the sights and sounds of the states you pass through while you're driving. The worst part is the actual driving. Now you don't need to fight over who's driving next because you can take a cheap train ride from Texas to California with Amtrak. 

Amtrak offers speedy train rides from all over the country, including a couple of lines that pass through multiple Texas cities.

You can hop on a train at multiple Texas stations including some from every major city from Austin to Dallas to San Antonio.

Amtrak has two major lines for Texans to hop on easily to head either west or east of the state. The Texas Eagle and Sunset Limited.

The Texas Eagle has multiple stops in Texas, including Alpine, Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, San Marcos, San Antonio, El Paso and 9 others!

Their trip from Chicago to San Antonio lasts 32 hours 25 minutes and departs every single day. Their route from Chicago to Los Angeles (that stops in Texas) lasts 65 hours 20 minutes and departs three times weekly.

Though that is a major amount of time to be on the road, it also allows guests to see the major sights of West Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and Californa while also having a long break in San Antonio for some sightseeing.

If you want to hitch a ride up to Chicago, you can see the landscapes of Arkansas, Missouri, and Illinois.

Rides start at $161, which is a major deal considering all of the country that you'll be seeing on the way. It's way cheaper than most airlines, plus there are no awful airports involved!

Some deluxe services you can get on the Texas Eagle include their Sleeping Car accommodations, a dining car that prepares fresh, complete meals and access to their Sightseer Lounge where you can really enjoy the views from.

Amtrak Texas Eagle

Price: Starting at $161

Address: 16 cities across Texas

Why You Need To Go: For a scenic trip across the country with no airports or driving involved! This will be the trip of a lifetime, you just need to hop on board.

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