As most millennials know, getting time off work to go on a vacation (or a staycation) can be challenging, so the last thing you want to do when you get off is spend all your money on accommodations. Therefore, when you're looking for a place to stay, tiny house Airbnbs near Atlanta should most definitely be on your radar. Not only are they generally pretty affordable, but they're also super cute.

For instance, take the tiny house with a huge arcade that you can find in Lithia Springs, Georgia. It's 160-square-feet, so if you're okay with a tight fit, you're sure to love it.

It comes with everything you might need for the night, such as a coffee maker, a microwave, and even a on-site gym. The best part by far is the amazing arcade that's on the property.

The arcade is huge, and features over 40 games that guests can play. You'll even spot some of your favorite classic games there, like darts and Pac-Man (which you can play a live-action version of in Orlando). You can use the aracade at any time, even in the middle of the night if you want to.

If you choose to visit in the summer, you can also take advantage of the huge deck right outside of the tiny house along with the beautiful swimming pool complete with slide (no sea creatures allowed — unlike the shark tank waterslide in Las Vegas). Plus, it's just five miles from Six Flags Over Georgia, so if you want to get out and do something fun, that's also an exciting option.

Basically, for anyone who's looking for a fun-packed getaway, this is the ideal Airbnb.

Tiny House With An Arcade

Price Per Night: $125

Address Or Neighbourhood: Lithia Springs, Georgia

Why You Need To Go: This tiny house Airbnb in Georgia has an arcade, a swimming pool, and a huge deck.