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This Tiny House In California For Sale Comes With A Loft & It's Only $33,000

There's something magical about living off the grid. Whether you're an adventurer or just want to save some cash, it's easy to see why owning a tiny house in California has so much appeal. This cute red cabin is winning us over. 

It comes with a loft and it's only $33,000.

While the exterior is certainly adorable, there's a lot more to it than its rustic charm. Plus, it's on wheels, so you can take it on the road with you.

Inside, you will find plenty of large windows for natural light and a lovely wood panel finish on the walls. 

The design makes the space feel bright and airy. By the entryway, there is a small kitchen complete with a sink, cabinet space, oven, and stove.

Around the corner, there is extra shelving space, a bar-style dining area with stools, and an adorable potbelly stove where you can cozy up on a chilly day. 

Since the interior is insulated, you might not even need to use it. 

Adjacent to the kitchen there is a lovely window seat to catch all of the outdoor views. When nature is literally your backyard, who wouldn't want to stare outside?

High-vaulted ceilings make the home feel spacious. You'd never know it was a little shy of 200 square feet. 

tiny house in California

Downstairs, there is also a bathroom with a composting odor-free toilet, sink, and stainless steel shower. 

Wondering where the bedroom is?

Climb the ladder till you reach the loft at the top. It's the perfect place to post up at night and watch the stars outside the high-up windows or read during the day if you want to relax. 

tiny house in California

We can't believe how much they have managed to fit into such a cute little space. 

Whether you're searching for your dream home or a home away from home to run away to, this cabin just might be the one.

tiny house in California