There's something that's just so appealing about living in a small space, especially if you don't need that much room. There's also a very attractive price tag for these abodes as well. A tiny house is going to cost you way less than a traditional home, which is ideal for millennials. The tiny house in Duluth, Georgia is perfect for anyone look to move right now too. 

However, many potential tiny house buyers run into a problem when they are looking for a home to buy. Lots of tiny houses come only partially completed, which means that the new owners have to do a lot of work before they move in.

If you want to avoid all of that entirely, you should check out this beautiful, ready-to-go tiny house in Duluth. It's completely move-in ready, and you won't have to do any pesky renovations or make any difficult changes.

It comes in at 200-square-feet, and it already has a fridge, air conditioning, eight USB ports, a propane cooktop, a 20-gallon water storage tank and much more.

Plus, this tiny home is absolutely beautiful. You don't have to sacrifice luxury just to get a good price when you choose this place. Future owners are sure to love the wood paneling and the immense lighting that flows in. 

So, don't think you have to become a carpenter or an electrician overnight to get into the tiny house of your dreams.

Ready-To-Go Tiny House

Price: $42,000

Address: Duluth, Georgia

Description: This beautiful tiny home features well-lit rooms, gorgeous wood paneling, and all the conveniences you'd ever need.

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