The town of Innisfail, Alberta may be a small town of less than 8000 people, but they have a really big impact on the entire country. 

Innisfail is the birthplace of a large number of heros who assit police in catching criminals and protecting our nation and those heros are the RCMP's police dogs. 

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Since 1965 the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) have been breeding and training their own dogs at a special training centre in Innisfail. Every single dog that is in the RCMP begins their journey in Innisfail, where the top mountie handlers in all the country are tasked with evaluating the dogs and getting them up to snuff. 

The town itself, just south of Red Deer, is an appropriate home for the dogs since the town name means Isle of Destiny and the dogs there all have a pretty big destiny waiting for them! 

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The best part about the training facility is that members of the public can go and visit the dogs for free during the summer! 

The RCMP hold public demonstrations with the dogs from the Victoria Day long week to Labour Day (May to September) every Wednesday at 2 PM. The demonstrations are about 45 minutes long and are completely free of charge! 

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The RCMP have been using dogs for over 100 years and exclusively use German Shepherds since they believe that is the best breed for the high demands of police work.