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This Toronto Restaurant Is Haunted By Active Ghosts And Customers Have Actually Encountered Them Before

Customers have shared their spooky encounters and they're creepy AF.
This Toronto Restaurant Is Haunted By Active Ghosts And Customers Have Actually Encountered Them Before

If Netflix's The Haunting Of Hill House hasn't freaked you out enough leading up to Halloween, how about a real haunted house? Toronto's Keg Mansion has long proved one thing - it's not your typical steakhouse.

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The mansion at Wellesley and Jarvis Street was built in 1867. It was once the home of one of the most prominent families in the city - The Masseys. Yes, the same family responsible for Massey Hall.

Lillian Massey, who eventually took over the household,died in 1915. She was adored by her staff and as the story goes, one of the maids in the mansion took her death very hard. It's said the maid killed herself by hanging and her body was found swinging above the foyer.

Ever since,the maid's spirit and other ghosts continue to hauntthe mansion. If you believe in ghost stories, get a load of these the creepy encounters some customers claimed to have experienced at the Keg Mansion.

Melanie Elaraby was dining with her husband when she says she encountered two different spirits. As she was dining, she says she felt cold wisps on her arm that gave her goosebumps. She felt the light touches move onto her fingers and eventually the back of her neck.

“Then a flash across my mind of a woman. She was young, blonde hair with a wide face and blue eyes. She wore her hair swept up and wore a light colored blouse with a high neck, and a long light colored skirt. In the flash, she was standing behind me," she wrote in a testimonial. She continued to feel the woman's presence throughout dinner.

Laura Dee claims to have seen ghosts of children at the restaurant. Children are not allowed in the Keg at night, and so she thought it was odd when she saw a boy with dark hair sitting on one of the staircases. She walked past him toward the bar and when she looked back, he had vanished.

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During another visit, she and a friend were at the second-floor bar when they both heard the creepy sound of children's feet pitter-pattering down the stairs. When they looked to see who it was, there was no one there.

Mia T was in the women's washroom alone at the Keg Mansion but insists she felt another presence with her the entire time. “I came out and looked to the stairs. A woman dressed in a dark, beautiful old fashion dress looked at me. I even said “Hi” to her when walking past and down the stairs. I felt weird about it, so I asked the host. He said it was only four male servers that night, no waitresses and definitely no one in an old fashion dress.”

If getting the pants scared off of you sounds like fun, may I suggest a reservation at the Keg Mansion this Halloween night?

Source:Ghost Walks

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