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You Can Explore Deep Caves & Four Waterfalls In This Massive Tennessee Park

Hop in friends, we're going exploring.
This Trail In Tennessee Has Four Waterfalls & Multiple Caves To Explore

With the number of outdoor activities in Tennessee, you want to make the most of your time by going to the best spots. The best spots are usually those that are hidden and not so popular. If you are down for the hike, you need to try out this trail in Tennessee with four waterfalls and caves. 

Virgin Falls Pocket Wilderness is located in Spencer, Tennessee and is a massive 1,157 acres. It is a natural area that hasn't been touched by man, which are the best kind of outdoor spots. This hike is a long nine-mile loop, so if you are up for the challenge, you should do it. 

This moderate hike will take you to four different waterfalls that each have something cool to offer. You can choose to spend your day conquering this hike, or you can set up camp and fall asleep to the rush of the waterfalls. 

The website says to give yourself around five to nine hours to complete this entire hike unless you plan on spending the night along the way. That might sound intimidating, but you will feel so accomplished when you complete the challenge. 

Throughout the beginning of your hike, you will descend 900 feet. You'll be amazed at all the vegetation and species of plants you'll pass through your journey, it's probable that you'll stop to look at them all. 

The first two waterfalls you'll come across are Big Branch Falls and Big Laurel Falls. You'll hear both from a mile away and come to the top of both the falls when you approach it. These falls are only about a mile from each other.

When you get to Big Laurel, you'll be hiking down to the bottom, and you'll be able to actually get in and explore the bottom of the falls if you want. 

The star of the show here is Virgin Falls. This waterfall is formed by an underground stream that comes out of an actual cave and falls over a 110-foot cliff. If that wasn't cool enough, the waterfall drops into another cave so you'll never see the end of it. The last waterfall you'll come across is Sheep Falls, which is a baby compared to the others. 

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Virgin Falls Pocket Wilderness

Price: Free

Address: Scott's Gulf Road, Sparta, TN, 38583

Why You Need To Go: Even though this trail is a little lengthy, you'll come across four waterfalls and multiple caves you can explore.

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