Getting up off the couch and turning Disney+ off is necessary for this amazing weather this time of year. Weekends deserve to be spent outside and Tennessee has so many options for just that. This trail in the Smoky Mountains will give you incredible views and a few surprises along the way. 

The Old Sugarlands Trail is not your average hike. It's located in the heart of the Smoky Mountains and you can hike it all year-round. This trail is categorized as moderately difficult coming in at around 7.5 miles round trip, out and back. 

There are many side trails you can travel down as you go along your hike, and one you have to walk off the beaten path to is the Sugarlands Cemetery. 

As you start on your pretty long journey, you'll find yourself increasing in elevation very quickly. Throughout this entire trip, you'll gain somewhere around 1,200 feet.

You'll notice there are many side signs on the trail that you should take if you're trying to get the full experience here. One of the main spots worth seeking out is the Civilian Conservation Corps camp that has a cemetery and a school which remain still standing. 

This spot is just 0.7 miles off the main trail, so it won't be adding too much time to your trip. The Sugarlands Cemetary looks like something out of a scary movie, like Pet Semetary vibes. 

You'll find around 150 grave markers at this site, which is pretty cool to see how long some have been here. Once you continue on your way, you'll get some incredible views from your elevation that will give you the motivation to finish out your trek. 

There is another trail like this down in North Georgia that you should adventure to if you are a fan of the outdoors and love creepy vibes.

If you aren't into this vibe, an easier and more light-hearted hike in Chattanooga will literally take you to the clouds. 

Old Sugarlands Trail 

Price: Free 

Address: US-441, Gatlinburg, TN 37738

Why You Need To Go: This long trail will give you incredible mountain views the whole hike, and you can also take a side trail to an old cemetery.