You can call me out for bragging, but I'd like to make a case that British Columbia has nearly everything. Surrounded by a mix of both city and backcountry, a vibrant nightlife and fantastic food. Sadly, we just don't really have a tropical vibe going for us. Giving us British Columbians a firm reason to fly out if we want to go on a tropical getaway. 

Well luckily for us, and anyone who's ever needed a second reason to visit BC, we've got that tropical part covered too. Kingfisher Oceanside Resort & Spa in Vancouver Island is the perfect combination of West Coast beauty with a touch of tropical flare. 

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Because as if being able to explore the beautiful Vancouver Island terrain wasn't enough, you can return to a hotel and enjoy an island vibe too. Not to mention, but the resort is built with its own indoor waterfall! So why go chasing waterfalls, when frankly, there's one right here? 

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Their amazing spa features Swiss Showers, mineral pools, a waterfall massage, steam cave, another glacial waterfall, a river walk and tidal baths. And to think, they had already got me at the first waterfall. 

The entire experience is part of what they call their 'Pacific Mist Hydropath' and costs $80 for the entire service. This beautiful spa is located on Vancouver Island and I think makes a strong case for tropical flare in a West Coast setting.