Cats are quite the companion, especially if you're looking for someone to nap alongside you or keep your house clear of any small pests. The Philbrook Museum of Art in Tulsa has adopted this mentality for their very own gardens and currently has three feline friends "working" and living within them. Now, they're offering the opportunity to become pen pals with two of their three cats, and it's the cutest thing ever.

Perilla and Cleome, two felines referred to as "garden cats" at the Philbrook Museum of Art are accepting handwritten letters from now until Sunday, April 26.

"The cats are lonely and would love to hear from you. Write them a letter and they’ll write back," says the museum's Facebook event page.

If you've visited the museum before, you've likely seen Perilla or Cleome roaming the gardens happy as can be.

Their third garden cat, Acer, isn't accepting letters at this time for some reason. Here's to hoping he eventually does!

"All of our cats provide a certain level of pest control," says the museum's website. Thanks to them, you've seen fewer bugs than you would've had they not been on patrol.

Though, we hear that Perilla is "Happy to sit around most of the day and let others do the work."

Same, Perilla!

For those who already have their pen and paper ready, Cleome and Perilla can be written to at 2727 S. Rockford Rd. Tulsa, OK 74114. You can also refer to Cleome as "Cleo," the cat's nickname.

If you can't decide who you'd like to write to, you can always base it on whoever's personality you most relate to.

The museum's website has a whole page dedicated to each cat that tells us everything we need to know about them.

A cat may not have been what you pictured when you thought of getting a pen pal, but they'll probably be more fun to write to than anyone you could've imagined.