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This Underwater Hotel In Australia Is A Turquoise Wonderland With Stunning Under-The-Sea Views

There's no better place to try finding Nemo!

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This Underwater Hotel In Australia Is A Turquoise Wonderland With Stunning Under-The-Sea Views

A hotel in Australia is reimagining what it is to have a room with a view.

Reefsuites from Cruise Whitsundays is Australia's first underwater hotel, and it'll give you an up-close view of the stunning creatures that live in the Great Barrier Reef.

The Down Under getaway will take you 15 feet under the surface of the water, with suites featuring massive floor-to-ceiling windows that let you look out into the turquoise waters of the reef.

If you stand close, you'll be almost face-to-face with clownfish, jellyfish, sea turtles and countless other sea creatures.

But if you prefer to lay in bed, you can have breakfast and enjoy the scenic view from a few feet away.

The suites are inside a three-story floating pontoon called Reefworld, which is stationed at Hardy Reef, a gorgeous area teeming with life off the coast of Queensland.

A boat takes you out to the pontoon, and once you're there you can explore the reef in several different ways. For those who wish to take a dip and explore, you can sign up for solo or guided snorkeling tours. There's also a semi-submarine tour and for an extra fee you can even go scuba diving.

Visitors can book a daytime visit at Reefworld, but you need to book a suite if you want to enjoy an amazing dinner and drinks in the upper deck of the pontoon.

You can book rooms with a king double or twin single bed, and prices range from $899 to $1400 depending on the choice and the time of the year.

The package also comes with breakfast, lunch, dinner and afternoon tea, but cocktails and spirits have an additional cost.

The Great Barrier Reef is the largest coral reef system in the world with some of the most diverse and colorful sealife on the planet.

Typically you'd need to dive into the water to see all of that for yourself... but if you book a stay at the hotel, you can feel like the Little Mermaid or Aquaman without ever getting your feet wet!

Australia's underwater hotel

Price: $899-$1400

Why You Need To Go: Sleep with the fishes and wake below the waves in the Great Barrier Reef.


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